Year 2 Essential Books Bundle | Ages 6 - 7

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This book bundle comes with 8 essential books for a pupil in Year 2. These books are a brilliant way to help pupils get to grips with all the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; Comprehension; Joined Handwriting; Maths; Reading; and Science Curriculum they’ll need for the Year 2 and Key Stage 1 SATS!

Why do you need to get this for your child?

This would cost you £35 but remember this is a one-time investment in your child education. You will save a lot in the long term (e.g., hiring a tutor will cost you more than £40 per hour)! Moreover, this book bundle provide an opportunity for your child to learn at home and reinforce what they learn at school.

We highly recommend this bundle. Get this bundle as soon as your child reaches 6 years old - you don't need to buy any other books!

  1. English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Question Book (2 Colours, 48 Pages)
  2. English Comprehension Question Book (2 Colours, 32 Pages)
  3. English Handwriting Practice Book (Full Colour, 32 Pages)
  4. Science, Study and Activity Book (Full Colour, 40 Pages)
  5. Maths Study and Question Book  (Full Colour, 88 Pages)
  6. English Study and Question Book (Full Colour, 88 Pages)
  7. Reading Study and Practice Book (Full Colour, 64 Pages)
  8. English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Study and Practice Book (Full Colour, 64 Pages)

Start with study and question books followed by practice books.

These books will be shipped on Same Day via Royal Mail (FREE POSTAGE).


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