11 Plus Year 3 GL Maths Practice Book and Assessment Tests with Answer CGP

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New 11+ GL Maths Practice Book & Assessment Tests included Answer CGP 

With a huge range of Maths practice for ages 7 to 8, plus fully explained answers to every question, this book is ideal for building up the skills children need for the 11+ and other selective entrance exams.

The first section of the book focuses on one topic at a time to help children gain understanding and confidence. This is followed by six Assessment Tests to improve their speed and accuracy across a wide range of questions. And if they get stuck or go wrong, the detailed pull-out answers make it easy to understand the reasoning behind the questions.

  • Key Stage:11+
  • Subject:Maths
  • Exam Board:GL & Other Test Providers
  • Years Covered:3
  • Media:Book
  • Colour:Two Colour
  • Publication Date:2019
  • No of Pages:80


Ages 7-8

Brand New Book

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